K-500_20K K-500_20K BPC, K-500_25K K-500_25K BPC, K-500_28K, K-500_28K BPC

Decorative Knob – K-500


This decorative knob comes with a beautiful design and finish and boasts of exquisite craftsmanship. Made from AISI grade stainless steel, it is not only sturdy but also alluring to look at. This knob can be used for doors, cabinets, drawers, cupboards, wardrobes, kitchen units and more.
Code Item Size (mm) Height (mm)
K-500 / 20 K 20mm Knurl Knob 20 20
K-500 / 20 K BPC 20mm Knurl Knob BPC 20 20
K-500 / 25 K 25mm Knurl Knob 25 22
K-500 / 25 K BPC 25mm Knurl Knob BPC 25 22
K-500 / 28 K 28mm Knurl Knob 28 25
K-500 / 28 K BPC 28mm Knurl Knob BPC 28 25

Additional information


Stainless Steel


Satin, Polish, Matt Black and other finishes available