Bathroom Accessories 135


This bathroom accessory is a beautiful product that combines utility and style making it the perfect addition to any bathroom. Made from AISI grade stainless steel, it is designed for strength and durability. This item can be used for both residential bathrooms as well as commercial restrooms.

Code Item Size mm Length mm Height mm
BA-135/200-450 25x10x25mm Shower Handle (200x450mm) 200/450 225/475 70
BA-135/300-500 25x10x25mm Shower Handle (300x500mm) 300/500 325/525 70
BA-135/450-550 25x10x25mm Shower Handle (450x550mm) 450/550 475/575 70

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Stainless Steel

Other Finishes

Satin, Polish, Matt Black and other finishes available